Goonfighter pist0l (2 Day Course)

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Come hang with the homies and learn how to fight nasty with your daily gat. We’ll be bbq-ing after class and prizes will be awarded to students throughout the weekend for moments of exceptional style and goon-ness. This is the first time we are making this class available to the public, and we are absolutely fired up to see you guys out on the range. Only 15 spots are available at each location. See y’all soon 😎👊

From our instructor, Mr. Jeff Johnsgaard: 

Goonfighter Pistol is the course I wish I had when I first set out to learn how to defend myself as an officer on duty and my family when off duty.

This course is designed to best use your valuable training time and money by delivering to you pistol based firearms training using the latest research backed methods. These methods come from my time working as a contractor with Force Science and the Reality Based Training Association.

Simply put, the threat environment for both Civilians & Law Enforcement is a very close 20 feet or less, and very fast, knife or pistol can be produced and delivered to you in less than a few seconds. This course will bridge the gap that exists in the common firearms training most people are completely unaware exists.

Topics and training we will be covering in Goon Fighter 1:

- Gaze Action Coupling
- The Quiet Eye
- Visual scanning training for deadly force encounters
- Close Quarter response to uncertain / unknown threats
- Pistol draw-fire-movement to live persons evolving as threat/no threat
- Early threat cue recognition
- Post gunfight behavior – 4 Cs Checklist
- Emotional Regulation – External focus of attention & Controlled breathing
- How to have concurrent activity without locking yourself into a predetermined end state


This course will be both live fire and Airsoft based. We will provide the Airsoft pistols but you can bring your own if you have one. You will not be getting shot by airsoft as it is not necessary. We will be teaching you how to properly ‘wire in’ your skills to be context driven. We will show you how to link whatever your range training level is to uncertain and rapidly evolving threat/not threat persons. Finally, we will train you to respond much faster in the event you are caught by surprise and undergoing a ‘flinch’response.